In the present competitive world, businesses and individuals can find themselves entangled in a complex web of Purchasing & Supply Chain management and regulations in unfamiliar territories. It becomes increasingly important for them to find new ways to align their Materials Management strategies with their overall business needs, while meeting their compliance obligations wherever they arise.                  

Especially with large transactions, Procurement and Warehousing advance planning is crucial so that the operation is structured to suit the particular materials positions of the parties involved before a supply is completed.                  

We help clients comply with statutory Supply with regulations. In addition, we help clients anticipate and respond to legislative and regulatory developments as they evolve. We also provide fully integrated research, planning, consulting and compliance services for clients with international standard.                  

We assist government and Private sector in setting and implementing procedure relating to Materials Management and implementing.                 


To grow and create value chain Management, a business must have the trust of its clients and investors. The fairness of the Supply Chain Management information and the reliability and security of client’s technology are critical components in securing this trust. Whether clients are managing issues associated with globalization, addressing technology vulnerabilities in the connected economy, or looking to assure the fairness of their transaction information, Supply and Logistics Services can help.                  

Our Consultancy services is aligned with client’s business functions, not just the Materials processes. Businesses need auditors and advisors who understand their business strategy and can reflect this in their audit approach. Using our approach and working alongside our clients, we contribute in improving non-financial controls of businesses. We lay great emphasis on understanding the strategy and the need to address all risks.                  


Our Supply Chain Management consultants and engineering team is well known for development and support of application related Supply Chain Management. The team of Information Technology professionals within Supply and Logistics Services, has a software solution for your every business needs. Read More...